Monday, 21 April 2014

Lush Haul


Happy Easter!

I have days off work over Easter which I never usually get so I have been really relaxing this weekend. Spending most of it reading, watching old movies with my family and of course eating tons of chocolate.

I also thought I would have a pamper evening this weekend, and popped into Lush last week to pick up a bath bomb.. and ended up walking out the shop with a bag full of goodies that I thought I would show you :)

Brightside Bubble Bar: This smells so refreshing! It has such a strong tangy orange smell, and reminds me of those Calypo ice lollies. This bar is pretty big so I can see this lasting at least 4/5 baths. 

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb: This has the same scent as the Lush Snow Fairy shower gel that they bring out at Christmas! I adore this fragrance, it smells like candy, sugary goodness.

Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb: This is one for when you want a very relaxing bath, The pink side smells like Neroli and Rose, and the Purple side smells more earthy and it contains Sandalwood oil and Black pepper oil. I can't wait to try this one!

Bunny Bubble Bar: This guy was too cute to not buy! I think it smells quite similar to the Snow fairy scent again, but also quite vanillary. This Bubble bar contains Coconut oil and Shea butter so will be really moisturising on the skin. 

Fun: I have used the Yellow and Green Fun before, and after smelling the Pink one I had to buy it . It smells like sweets! But not as sweet as Snow Fairy. It contains Tonka absolute, but I can smell a bit of Rose aswell. I love Fun because you can use it as soap, in the shower, as bubble bath and even shampoo (although I haven't tried this yet)

Thanks for reading :)